Anne Washburn Photo: Beowulf Sheehan

Anne Washburn
Photo: Beowulf Sheehan

10 Out of 12

By Anne Washburn

November 9 – December 3, 2016

Directed by Blake Hackler
A Regional Premiere
Opening Night on November 12th

Ladies and gentlemen, welcome to tech. Around you, a company of 14 is engaged in the very peculiar task of making a new play. You’ll have a seat next to the sound designer as he mixes cues. You’ll eavesdrop on backstage gossip as it happens over headset. You’ll watch the director struggle to contain the uncontainable. Anne Washburn (Mr. Burns) has examined the world of tech rehearsal and crafted a wondrous, layered and often hilarious world that examines the process of creation. An immersion into the world of the theatre directed by Undermain company member Blake Hackler. 10 Out of 12 is a wry and absorbing look at how work forms us and deforms us.

“Ms. Washburn is a past master at assembling art out of shards. And “10 out of 12” is steeped in a doubt-tinged religious wonder” ~The New York Times

“Anne Washburn’s odd and often hilarious new comedy…takes on the perverse challenge of making theater…exceptionally funny and moving, the more so for the mystery of how either reaction was produced.” ~Jesse Green, Vulture

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Anne Washburn Playwright

Anne Washburn

Blake Hackler Director

Blake Hackler